Thursday, December 17, 2009

POKE-er FACE.....

Here is GPRAuto aka Guillermo's IS300 sitting on Megan Coilovers, the Rear LCA's are maxed out with Negative Camber and some nice toe in, wheel specs are Work Euroline SL 18x9.5+7 and 18x10-5 with some holy mother of god.. 215/35's all around.. This foo is still debating on pulling the rear out a bit but he is loving the POKE, mexiflush, whatever you wanna call it.... my boy is pushing beyond the limits. Now guys let's be nice with the comments.... NAH!!!!, haters bring it on!! LOL


  1. When I read Mexi I think FUCK YOU ASS TARD. But this time I like it. Note the Kosoku sticker.

  2. best is300 ever! keep up the good work guys. and i can't wait to see what your going to be working on next.

  3. Nice shots with a crazy is!