Monday, October 5, 2009

You can hate me now...

....But I won't Stop now...

Don't Hate me, hate the money I see, the wheels I buy, the Ice on the ride, wheels I try, close your eyes. Picture me rollin'

Not the First look on Scweet1 nor the last... Just like to change it up for myself... Ya dig?? Love how so many people hate change (on line at least) but on the street this beast gets love. Not done yet, still need to change the front bumper up, widen the front fenders, adjust the camber & toe, and some other small things.
Weds Kranze ER-M
19x11.5/9.5 -51/-19
215/35/19 265/30/19
Shine Auto Project Front Bumper (sold)
97+ Sides and Rear
Custom Metal Widened Quarters
1 of a kind Black Headlights with Supermade Lenses/ LED Parking Light
1 of a kind Black/Red/Dechromed 97+ Taillights
(Tails and Headlights courtesy of Zach Culver aka UZZ-TT)
HKS Hi-Power Dual Exhaust
and inside the engine bay is a very stock v8.. Yes it does have a 1UZ and it is a SC400 Auto.. but not for long.

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  1. Hey man, this is Robert. We talked briefly on Monday when I was at Tim's house washing my car with Tim and Tina. It was nice to meet you. Your car is absolutely amazing. Keep it up dude!