Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small update with a big rear and some fat lips

So my boy Henry gives me a call today and asked to bring the wheels over. The outcome is looking oh so scweet. The rear wheels still need Camber adjustments and all that good stuff. Henry claims the car should be done this weekend, but we all can agree that you always need to add 2 weeks to any eta.


  1. you know what you should do? should just radiused the when the car is aired out its even out front and rear...

  2. Make the barrels on the front rims into 13" widths, and run the 11.5" rims as fronts. ;) hehe

  3. Paint my bases for me since I'm covering shippin' on all this stuff, plz!
    I think you're gonna really dig whats in the box headed your way tomorrow... Should be there by the 12-13th Sept. How about some update pics man? Your slackin'! heh